The Great Deception by Craig Huey


The Great Deception by Craig Huey

Product description

We live in an age of deception.

America is in an epic battle… and our freedoms, economy and social structure is on the brink of ruin.

But this book gives you a blueprint to rescuing the American Dream.

The Great Deception exposes the lies, myths and distortions from the media and politicians.

It gives you answers and solutions to turning America around…

It gives you the ability to share these dangers and a solution to cutting through the deception with friends and family.

It exposes under-the-radar and little known behind the scene reasons America is falling backward and how to make it move forward again.  

For example:

  • It gives you new insights into the epic battle of socialism vs. freedom.
  • You’ll be surprised by the realty of our growing economic problems and the way to move us forward
  • The megatrend of the decade AI – what you must know
  • The war on Christianity… the weaponization of government agencies… the Deep State exposed
  • Restoring the election integrity and how to know and stop voter fraud
  • Why politics is different today than 8 years ago
  • What you can do to crush the dangers and turn America around
  • And more…

And you’ll discover how to be one step ahead of the key issues impacting this election and your future.

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