The Christian Voter: How to Vote For, Not Against, Your Values to Transform Culture and Politics


The Christian Voter: How to Vote For, Not Against, Your Values to Transform Culture and Politics

Product description

Who should read the book?

  • Every Christian in America
  • Christian pastors
  • Church leaders
  • Youth leaders

You will not find another roadmap for Christians on how to vote for, and not against, your values!

In this 325-page book, you’ll get concise, easy-to-understand “insight into”…

  • Five reasons all Christians should vote (Chapter 1)
  • Your power to transform culture and politics (Chapter 2)
  • How to strategically limit evil (Chapter 3)
  • The Christian Civil Rights issue of our time (Chapter 4)
  • What happens when Christians don’t exercise their right to vote (Chapter 5)
  • How to not be fooled when voting against a Christian worldview (Chapter 6)
  • The war against Christians in America today (Chapter 7)
  • Protection of Christian Liberty (Chapter 8)
  • Protection of unborn babies (Chapter 9)
  • The big lie! Christians shouldn’t vote because… (Chapter 10)
  • Protection of Israel (Chapter 11)
  • Helping the persecuted church (Chapter 12)
  • Protecting tax exemptions for churches (Chapter 13)
  • Defending homeschooling and Christian schools (Chapter 14)
  • The key to social and political change (Chapter 15)
  • Church ballot harvesting: what it is and how your church can do it (Chapter 16)
  • How to mobilize the Christian vote and change our culture and politics (Chapter 17)
  • Winning the cultural war (Chapter 18)

Christians hold the future to the upcoming elections.

The key to national, state, and local victory for turning our nation around is if Christians will vote for and not against their values.

America has found itself torn between the cultural war against Christianity and how government, at all levels, is being used to undermine people of faith, religious liberties, and key issues important to Christians.

This election is about 7 non-negotiables that help determine how Christians should vote.

These 7 non-negotiables are based upon the Word of God.

They are based on a biblical worldview.

They are based on the intersection of faith and politics.

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